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We are Foodtastic.
Foodtastic is born from the love we have for food and our passion for originality. Three friends decided that it was time to bring some new to the catering industry and created an avant-garde company. With more than 70 years combined experience in franchising and catering, the group embarked on a new adventure.
The origins of Foodtastic date back to 1990 when two of the founders, Lawrence and Peter Mammas, joined Céline Dion to create Nickels Deli. They later created new concepts such as Vinnie Gambini, Firegrill Steakhouse, ZIBO! And Roasters Rotisserie & Bar.
In 2001, the two brothers bought the Bâton Rouge restaurants with other partners, which they later sold to the Imvescor group in 2006.
In 2011, they joined Jacques Gaspo to create the new Foodtastic concept. They set to work to create the most trendy burger bar in Quebec, La Belle and La Bœuf – The Beauty and the Beeef Burger Bar. The restaurant has become an instant success, having continually the best sales per square meter of industry.
In 2012, Foodtastic buys the restaurants Carlos & Pepe’s, renowned for the excellence of their Mexican cuisine. The concept has been completely redesigned and is now close to its expansion. The first of many future sites is in Laval.
In 2014 another concept is launched, Souvlaki Bar, with traditional Greek cuisine. This restaurant was the first hybrid franchise, with a counter restaurant that opened at the Central Station in Montreal.
Foodtastic is proud to build unique restaurants, which serve delicious dishes and exotic drinks in an entertaining atmosphere.